Facilitation and Strategic Alignment



Some strategic content we can facilitate includes: 

  • Quarter/Year-End Review And Goal Setting For The Next Period
  • Team Formation - Coming Together To Accomplish Something Bigger 
  • Measure What Matters - Journey Mapping To KPIs And Metrics
  • OKRs - Determining The Highest Priorities And How To Take Action On them
  • Mapping Uncertainty - What To Focus On And Move Forward 
  • Running Great Experiments - The Company That Learns The Fastest Wins 
  • Retrospectives & Next Steps - How To Be A Learning Organization
  • Running Great Experiments - The Company That Learns The Fastest Wins
  • Demand Side Sales - Using Jobs to Be Done to Help Your Customers Make Progress
  • Great customer Interviews - From Empathy to Sales Calls

To learn more, book time with me using the blue Calendly link.

Soul of Startups offers experienced professional facilitations specializing in startups and early-stage ventures of all kinds. We offer strategic guidance, foster collaboration, and drive innovation for solo founders, leadership and department teams and large groups (50-100 people).

We are committed to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, accelerating growth, and steering startups towards sustainable success by supporting founders, executives and teams as they navigate the challenges of company building. 

Some use cases for facilitation include: 

  • Offsites and on-sites (both virtual and in-person) 
  • Team or company retreats 
  • Strategic planning meetings, quarterly planning and annual planning

Some leadership or developmental content we can facilitate includes: 

  • An introduction to conscious leadership 
  • A holistic discussion/socratic seminar on topics like: 
    • StrengthFinders
    • Psychological Safety and Team Communications
    • Collaborative Stances and Shared Decision Making
    • The 5 Shadow of Leadership
    • Cofounder Conflict
    • Culture and Leadership Styles
    • Wartime and Peacetime CEOs
  • The Soul of Startups, how you (and your cofounder) impact everything 
  • An introduction to the enneagram for teams


My facilitation rates vary depending on a variety of factors including but not limited to length and depth of the engagement, ability to pay, representation, and the mission of the team)/company. I work with clients on a win-for-all solution that optimizes for fairness and integration.