Coaching with Soul of Startups

If you are a leader who cares about building a great organization, one that has a positive impact on the people it touches, from employees and customers to suppliers and investors, then this is for you. 

Coaching with Julie Penner


It's impossible for leaders to see their own blind spots, and leaders are often the last person to truly understand their own gifts and understand their most limiting beliefs and actions. After working with hundreds of founders through her work at Techstars and various venture funds, Julie Penner, the founder of the Soul of Startups, is bringing the lessons learned about how founders impact the business' ability to be successful to founders and leaders everywhere. Coaching with Julie involves looking into a leader's motivations, behaviors and tendencies- positive and destructive, to ask powerful questions about how a leader impacts the people they lead. 

Coaching sessions focus on: 

  • Challenging leaders on their thoughts, mental models and stories
  • Offering new frameworks for understanding and moving through the challenges of building teams, companies and organizations
  • Providing support and consistency for leaders wanting to grow their professional abilities through personal development skills like effective empathy, socratic questioning, emotional literacy, and radical candor
  • De-risking the business or organization by calling to attention and examining limiting beliefs 
  • Customizing an actionable learning path for leaders or teams to build a more conscious and self-aware organization


My coaching rates vary depending on a variety of factors including but not limited to length and depth of the engagement, ability to pay, representation, and the mission of the founder(s)/company. I work with clients on a win-for-all solution that optimizes for fairness and integration. 

To learn more, book time with me using the blue Calendly link.